Being unique is in our nature.

We each have a set of details that sets us apart. We are inimitable – your new eyewear can be too.

Each pair of Ultra Limited glasses is handcrafted to be unique: no one will have a pair like yours.


You will never find an exact copy of a pair of Ultra Limited glasses.


Handcrafted in Italy by artisans with decades of experience.


Up to 12 shades on each pair of glasses for maximum expression of uniqueness.

Our collections.


The iconic line representing the ultimate expression of colour combinations that distinguishes Ultra Limited.


Handcrafted creations, made of full-grain calfskin, with unique colour combinations typical of the Ultra Limited style.


We don’t want to be different. We want to be unique.

Each frame is laser-printed with a progressive serial number that guarantees its authenticity and uniqueness. And to make your glasses even more exclusive, you can choose to personalise them with your name or signature.


Experience served with style.

Each pair of glasses is handcrafted by Cadorini artisans, the only experts able to create a product that is as complicated as it is original, dedicating more than 40 days of work to creating each pair.


One-of-a-kind combinations.

To create unique collections, 196 new shades are chosen every six months: 8 to 12 different colour plates are used on each frame, with more than three trillion possible combinations.


The days needed to produce one pair of glasses.


The number of colour shades used in the workshop, and selected every 6 months.


The trillions of possible colour combinations for each frame, using from 8 to 12 different shades.

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