Uniqueness is the characteristic of being one and only: you will never find an exact copy of a pair of ULTRA LIMITED glasses.


Each pair of glasses is hand-manufactured in Italy by artisans with decades-long experience.


By assembling 12 different shades, each pair of glasses is the ultimate expression of colour, with tone-on-tone technique and the exaggeration of contrasts.

Guaranteed Quality
and Raw Material

Each frame is laser-printed with a progressive serial number, a guarantee of authenticity and uniqueness of the product. Cellulose acetate is the raw material used. Frames pass through the skilful hands of artisans from the Cadore mountain area, sole experts able to shape such a complicated and original product. The Belluno district has always been the core and inspiration for high-quality, artisan-like eyewear products.



Number 1 is the most representative model of the ULTRA LIMITED brand: each pair of glasses is a unique piece, unrepeatable in its combination of colours.


days to produce one pair of glasses.


different shades of colour used in the workshop and selected on a six-monthly basis.


Each frame is made up of 8 to 12 different shades, totalling 3 trilliards of possible colour combinations.